October 12, 2008

october 12th

Today, i found this adorable band, i fell in love with this song, http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RJMYQy7DTvY

Also, i am loving the song on the new ipod nanp, 'nano-chro matic'
the song is, bruises by chairlift,

Frock Me: with the lovely alexa chung and henry holland, sundays on E4 music, at 5. Its only the second episode, but i think its a pretty good show. I dont like the lighting on the set, it looks quite like a 90's childrens tv show set, but the shows lovely. I thought the previous episode, focusing on the 'rock&roll jeans look', was better than this weeks 'labels' show, but im lokoing forward to next week.

Today was Switch live on radio1. I didnt catch all of it but i did like the interviews, i ne-yo was really funny, and i loved the voice he put on at the beginning of the interview. Miley Cyrus was also lovely. I didnt manage to hear any of fall out boy, but by the sounds of it it was amazing.

also, speaking of switch, theres a new series of sound on bbc at the moment, i like the new set and all the interviews but there just isnt as much music, or as big of a variety of bands. i would love to see maybe a 45 mins version of sound with more interviewing but lots more music!