December 29, 2010


I love these images, the popping colours, the heavy 60’s influences (especially the fringe - I’m pretty jealous of that fringe).

(Images courtesy of Fashion Served)


December 28, 2010

Post #101

I didn’ t realise that I’d hit 99 posts so I've accidentally missed my 100th! So I thought I’d make a commemorative 101 post instead. It’s a much better number – it’s symmetrical.

I started this blog way back In 08 and made 1 post in the whole year!

In 2009 I didn’t do much better, I didn’t post until June and then I only posted four times.

My camera broke in July which made it harder to post…so I didn’t till December when I did my first Catwalk post and Also my first Recipe. .

2010 came but I still had bad blogging habits, I posted a little about what I was up to but it wasn’t until October this year that I started using Windows Live Writer.  That’s when I started blogging properly, I’ve always hated using Blogger to post, you can’t copy and paste, its really difficult to lay out text and pictures are a nightmare! This meant that I had loads more freedom and now am happy to post several times a day about insignificant things!

I still only have 29 followers on Blogger + 20 on Bloglovin’ so hopefully throughout 2011 I will reach the 100 mark and keep climbing. Thank you to anyone who does follow me and keeps reading my posts, it makes me happy to think that some people do find what I say interesting, thanks for sticking with me Smile


Project ReStyle


This year I will be taking part in Project ReStyle,

Project Restyle is a just-for-fun creative group focused on ReStyling damaged, unwanted or unusable goods into fresh, beautiful pieces.


I am super excited to get involved with this, I can’t wait to get home and raid my loft and cupboards for things to transform!

It’s real easy to get involved too, you just need to take a before and after pic and you can post it to flickr or on your own blog. If you’re one of the good ones that week you might get posted up on Elsie or Rachel’s blogs.


Vanilla Kisses & White Chocolate and Orange Mini Cupcakes

For Christmas My Aunt gave me a set of silicone cake cases, I’ve been thinking about buying some for ages but wasn’t sure. She also gave me a lovely cupcake & cookies cooking book from Lakeland so of course I had to try it out.


I baked Vanilla Kisses and White Chocolate and Orange Mini Cupcakes. In my book, they were both disasters, the Vanilla kisses promised to be beautiful and when I piped the biscuits onto the baking sheets they looked more than perfect, however I didn’t realise how far they would flatten out when baking, and they looked far from perfect. I also apparently cannot read, the cupcake recipe was for 48 cakes, and as I had 12 cases I did 1/4s only, I didn’t realise that the recipe was for mini cupcakes and got confused when the recipe barely stretched to 10.

Better luck next time Emily.


apparently it all tasted delicious and my cousin suggested that I go on Celebrity Masterchef, not just (Masterchef, but Celebrity!)


December 27, 2010

Christmas Cookies :D

Ma soeur et moi baked some yummy Christmas cookies, (which tasted pretty good if I do say so myself).

P1230266I used a recipe from Miranda who was a runner up in the Great British Bake off a few months ago, I loved that show, I hope there is another series. Find it here and bake your own.


Yum yum!

Here is a picture of my little kitten Freya, she’s adorable but has been a little annoying this Christmas. She knocked the Christmas tree over!! Silly kitten.



A Slice of Fashion

The new year is imminent and I for one am looking forward so much to the summer, to florals, to pastels, to an excuse to wear yellow and gorgeous floaty wispy magical nudes.

Today I bring you some from Alberta Ferretti


Beautifully vintage, silks and chiffon, I adore this collection, (even though it is strictly A/W) Ferretti here just makes me dream of hot summer nights…

(Images courtesy of


December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Some pretty pictures of my Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, orange skies…

Christmas 2010 part 1 021Christmas 2010 part 1 050Christmas 2010 part 1 122my sister took the two pretty sky ones. Check out her deviant art.
…and some funny web cam pictures avec ma soeur Smile101226-220030101226-220041101226-220048101226-220114101226-220158101226-220201101226-220207101226-220330

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas Smile


December 20, 2010

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Giveaway

Cruel Thing blog is offering you the chance to win a 30ml bottle of this lovely fragrance.

Follow this link for a chance to win.


December 17, 2010

This weeks best looking

I think this will become a regular feature, a compilation of outfits from bloggers that I like, look book, fashion served ect. Or in other words, a scrapbook of beautiful clothes :)

This week it’s…

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse.
Wearing UO, Modcloth, target, Seychelles, YarnOverMoment & H&M.

Carey Mulligan at Cannes Film Festival.imageOk, so this wasn’t really this week but this is the first time I've seen this dress, does that count? Carey Looking pretty in a fifties style Prada print dress.

Maria from Lulu Letty.Holiday Look No.6: Floral DesignsWearing Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, and F21.

Tieka from Selective Potential.Wearing Urban Outfitters, Target, Modcloth, and Blowfish Shoes.

From the Hetterson Fall Collection.image

Hope you enjoy all the pretty looks here, do you like the new feature?


December 15, 2010

I am one sad girl

So this is what I do with my spare time. use (the best tool ever) ‘snipping tool’ to make people into Simpsons…

seb simpElsieSimpsonCB smpZooey simpAlisonSudol Simpson

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world who does this…I am so weird!


Milkmaid Braids Tutorial

I found this really simple tutorial for Milkmaid braids. I love Rebecca’s choice of music.

I think I’m going to wear my hair like this tonight :)


Ellie Goulding

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I adore Ellie. I just found that there is a video for one of my favourite songs of hers, The Writer. Its a really pretty video, makes me long for breezy summer days.

Ellie Goulding–The Writer

I don’t love this version the song though, it’s not as good as her acoustic:


New Dress

I went out last night. I think it’s fair to say the night was…eventful. Although not for the reasons I’d anticipated.

Being the girly girl that I am, I ordered a new dress for the occasion, a lovely one from Motel

Isn’t it pretttttty! I wore it with my Jeffrey Campbell shoes13052010887

I really should start taking pictures of what I wear! If I see one I’m in then I’ll show you!

Images courtesy of