December 02, 2010

Annette Pehrsson

I adore this woman. I have a little print out of one of her photographs framed on my wall.

A young woman based in Sweden. She takes the most beautiful photographs. I can’t understand how she does it but they are the most emotive pictures I've ever laid eyes on. Each one tells a story and draws you in.
Her lighting is always perfect, I love the colours she uses and the ways she captures skin. I am also quite fond of her wardrobe!





ᴥ Annette’s Blog
ᴥ Annette’s Flickr
ᴥ Annette’s Website
ᴥ Buy her book, Zenit B – Excerpts from a diary.



annette said...

thank you! :)

Emily said...

you're very welcome, keep up the good work!

Ula said...

I love her work too, she is very talented. I have just finished a photography degree and found her most inspirational these past few months, lovely post