December 05, 2010

Stationary Queen

OK some may call me weird, everybody thinks I'm weird, but i don’t care! I am the Stationary Queen, I ordered some stuff fro amazon and it all came last week, and then I went up to Bristol and went shopping in Stationary World (i.e. Heaven)!

Does no one else get excited about scalloped scissors and colourful pens?


From left to right, Staedtler triplus colour pens 1mm; Flowers Pignanature notebook; Cath Kidston Tissues;Steadtler mars plastic rubber; A5 folders; Flowers Pignanature A5 Folder; Uniball eye medium line fine pens;  Scaloped edge scissors;




1 comment:

NeverSayEmma said...

I completely get your obsession! I have boxes of glitter glue pens, coloured card, calligraphy pens, neon tape. You never know when you might need it!
I love making scrapbooks/photo albums for Birthdays, much better than just going out and buying a present!
Emma xx