December 11, 2010

Etsy Love

Some fresh picks from Etsy, perfect for the holidays.

imageI love this beautiful dress from alexandragrecco, I might do a diy like this, as this dress is about £200.

imageThis print would look good on any wall. From jkldesign.

imageLook at this little fella, he’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! From JustFeltLike.

imageA pretty print from lauraamiss.

imageThis little darling is what I like to think of as the female bow tie. Imagine wearing it with a 30’s style dress baking cookies in your Kenwood fitted kitchen! Plus it’s only £8.45 from Foliage!

imageThis little flag necklace would make a cute gift and an easy diy too. Or you can buy it from Creativityismessy.

imageOK I think this is the cutest sop I’ve ever seen. EVER. Whoever came up with this idea was genius, ickle wickle hands to wash your own hands with!! Buy them from Foliage

imageThese crochet bows would look adorable in your hair, tied around a present or a branch of your Christmas tree. I want one! From cornflowerbluestudio.

imageI think I’m unhealthily maternal! Buy this adorable fox ear hat for your little one. From RylanCarter.


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DeLiz said...

♥ ♥ ♥ These pictures are so cute!
I love the dress in the first picture!!!!!!!! :)