December 01, 2010

A Slice of Fashion


Well look who it is, Miss Abbey Lee Kershaw I believe sporting a stunning Anna Sui dress with equally gorgeous patterned tights and bag.
I suggest wearing while listening to anything folk e.g. Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons or Bombay Bicycle club (so basically what’s on my playlist).

I really love Anna Sui’s tights this A/W


…and I have some wonderful news…you can buy some Anna Sui tights at Urban Outfitters for £25. (I think that’s pretty pricey for tights, but they are pretty).


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Sarah said...

I love patternend tights but would you believe I don't own a pair! I love the ones in first pic!

Burn the Blonde

Emily said...

You should purchase a pair! Asos do good tights, but my favourites are actually Primark, they're 80 denier coloured tights are the best, they stretch just right, they're thick, they don't get those annoying bobble things, they don't ladder, and they're £2!!
I'm thinking of doing a diy with lace strips down the outer sides. I own a pair like this but they are sheer and thus rendered useless in this weather!

Tatjana Liepelt said...

love abbey lee!

great blog, would love to follow each other!


Emily said...

Me too, she's stunning! She reminds me of my English teacher. I am already :) xx

DeLiz said...

lovely post! ♥
LiDì :)