December 28, 2010

Post #101

I didn’ t realise that I’d hit 99 posts so I've accidentally missed my 100th! So I thought I’d make a commemorative 101 post instead. It’s a much better number – it’s symmetrical.

I started this blog way back In 08 and made 1 post in the whole year!

In 2009 I didn’t do much better, I didn’t post until June and then I only posted four times.

My camera broke in July which made it harder to post…so I didn’t till December when I did my first Catwalk post and Also my first Recipe. .

2010 came but I still had bad blogging habits, I posted a little about what I was up to but it wasn’t until October this year that I started using Windows Live Writer.  That’s when I started blogging properly, I’ve always hated using Blogger to post, you can’t copy and paste, its really difficult to lay out text and pictures are a nightmare! This meant that I had loads more freedom and now am happy to post several times a day about insignificant things!

I still only have 29 followers on Blogger + 20 on Bloglovin’ so hopefully throughout 2011 I will reach the 100 mark and keep climbing. Thank you to anyone who does follow me and keeps reading my posts, it makes me happy to think that some people do find what I say interesting, thanks for sticking with me Smile


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