December 11, 2009


Today i thought that i would attempt to redeem myself from yesterdays disaster. I made some little chocolate cupcakes, only i burnt them a bit and they tasted a little of baking powder, not very nice. So i decided to make some nicer ones today.

This is my recipe, although i may make some more in the next few weeks and make it better, but they were quite nice.


Ingredients ->

6oz self raising flour (but a couple more will be needed to be added)
1.2(ish) teaspoons of baking powder
5oz of caster sugar
6oz of margerine
two or three table spoons of syrup (more could be added i think)
A dash of milk
Two eggs (large)
Almost three teaspoons of cinnamon
About half a teaspoon of vanilla paste

1. Put the syrup into a pan and put under a verrrrrry low heat while you mix together the: flour, sugar, baking powder, and margerine. Then add the syrup in, and mix altogether. Your mixture should be a thin (for dough) but doughy mixture.

2. Add in your eggs. Here the mixture becomes very liquidy and thin, so add in another couple of desert spoons of flour (i would estimate 1 1/2 to 2oz) until it starts to be a consistancy more like cake mix. Then add in your cinnamon and vanill apaste till it tastes good.

3. Spoon into paper cases. I managed to get 23 (in standared cases) don't fill them up too hight, a little under halfway is just fine.

4. Put in the oven at 150 degree's (but i have a fan oven so maybe 170 for other ovens? dont quote me on that) check on them in 15 mins, but they will need closer to 20, check to see if theyre nice and springy, (push them in gently and the top should bounce back nicely)

good luck!

I will possibly put up what i did for my icing, and maybe pictures in the next couple days, but its late right now and i should be washing up really. If you have any suggestions i would be happy to hear them :)



Jill said...

I found your lookbook and I love your style! I was thinking of joining lookbook myself but I'm not sure how well that will go..

anddddddd I suggest you make chocolate chip cookies next because they're supper yummy ^.^

Emi's said...

Thanks for this was looking for hw to make easy