December 28, 2010

Vanilla Kisses & White Chocolate and Orange Mini Cupcakes

For Christmas My Aunt gave me a set of silicone cake cases, I’ve been thinking about buying some for ages but wasn’t sure. She also gave me a lovely cupcake & cookies cooking book from Lakeland so of course I had to try it out.


I baked Vanilla Kisses and White Chocolate and Orange Mini Cupcakes. In my book, they were both disasters, the Vanilla kisses promised to be beautiful and when I piped the biscuits onto the baking sheets they looked more than perfect, however I didn’t realise how far they would flatten out when baking, and they looked far from perfect. I also apparently cannot read, the cupcake recipe was for 48 cakes, and as I had 12 cases I did 1/4s only, I didn’t realise that the recipe was for mini cupcakes and got confused when the recipe barely stretched to 10.

Better luck next time Emily.


apparently it all tasted delicious and my cousin suggested that I go on Celebrity Masterchef, not just (Masterchef, but Celebrity!)


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