January 05, 2010

Old pictures

These were taken back in the summer up in norfolk at a house called ickworth i think. Some of them my dad took, some my sister, n some me. (how neat are my nails above!)
I'm playing my new harmonica here. Look at our knobelly knees!!

Beautifull house.


Charlotte said...

Heyy, I'm not a huge blog reader so I wasn't sure where to put general comments, but the reason for my comment is i saw your post on lookbook.nu, about lockets. I would've replied on lookbook, but I'm afraid I'm just a lurker on the site since I've heard it's very hard to appeal to be in and I have no one to get an invite code. ANYWAY for the lockets I would try www.myvintagecharms.com - they're on Christmas break until the 7th of January, but they're a very reliable site featuring pendants, lockets, beads and the charms you see on www.sugarandvicedesigns.com anyway, i hope I helped, if you have any more questions, feel free to mail me at charlotte.e.pajak@hotmail.com xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Your Look is Wundeful. *__*

jennifer Jacobs said...

Nice skirt!

Milly. said...

That is indeed Ickworth - been there many a time :)
love it for long walks and picnics.

Love this outfit - so pretty!


Youna said...

I love this outfit!!! very cute^^

emily said...

Milly, I've only been the once, but im sure that i'll visit again, it really is lovely, beautiful gardens and house. and thank you :) xx