February 08, 2010

I think i must be the worlds worst blogger, i am truly terrible!! I just have next to no time for anyting these days.

I've just sent my reply to the Jeffrey Campbell blog interview so be sure to check their site in the next few days :) > http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/category/blog/
I've had a nice few days, i made a skirt on sunday, which i don't really love, but i need to iron it, maybe then i will change my mind. I'll take pictures soon.
It is still ridiculously cold, there was snow today! Of course not enough to secure a day of school tomorrow.
I recently cannot stop listening to more classical music. Maybe i am growing old, or maybe my mother has managed to sway me. I am loving things like Debussy - you probably will have heard Clai de lune from somewhere - and ravel and even beethoven pieces, i love pretty piano pieces. But most of all, i am listening to the Amelie soundtrack over and over, (love this> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzzcFSGZ2Eo ) all lovely and French and old and full of accordians too. I love the accordian, even in more modern things like... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH9x4S3-wVY&feature=PlayList&p=ACE2BC26CE010A36&index=50
Enjoy the lovely music, xox

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