May 02, 2010


Waddesdon, May 2nd 2010.
Today i went to a very pretty house. Its a french style chateau, (i have decided i want to get married in it, everythings so big and beautiful!)
As we went round my faveourite room was probably one which was full of collectibles, there were eighteenth century fans, which were so delicate, and a big collection of buttons, some were so pretty, they had gold writing on in old french which said different things, you couldn't really read them as they were teeny, but two were written out; 'Je nen donne qua vous', which means, 'I only give to you' and, 'Je pleure vostre absence', which means, 'your absence makes me weep', i thought these were adorable. There were also very pretty hat pins, some lovely eighteenth century lace, and in the corner of the room was a little glass cabinet with my faveourite thing inside...old corsets and costume. There was a little boys jacket which was lovely, and two beautiful corsets which were both so beautifully detailed! Oh if only i had the money to buy such things.

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Anna said...

These photos are just gorgeous.