July 31, 2011

Paris when it Sizzles


I ordered a box set of Audrey Hepburn dvds last week from Amazon; Breakfast at Tiffanys, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Sabrina and Paris when it Sizzles. I already have Breakfast at Tiffanys and I've seen Roman Holliday and Sabrina but I wanted copies of them and at less than £10 how could I say no!
This morning I watched Paris when it Sizzles, I wasn't too impressed, I don't think Hepburn is a wonderful actress but I can't help but love everything she's in because she wears such pretty things! I liked it until the ending, I thought it was a little weak and I desperately wanted Hepburn's character Gabrielle to grow a backbone and not just fall for Rick but it's often inevitable in these types of films and I shouldn't complain as I've always loved predictable romance if you dress it up with period costume.


Set in '63 Hepburn wears some really beautiful things that reminded me a lot of Vogues 'midi town' shoot in this months issue. So now I'm craving midi dresses, lose silk blouses and midi skirts.

asos have some nice nice things in at the moment (don't they always)midi

'Midi Town' source


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