April 30, 2012

Hold Me - Spring Summer's Clutches

In case you hadn't noticed, there is a huge trend this summer for clutches.

Diy your own magazine clutch - a beautiful mess, £495 - charlotte olympia. (Pandora style diy here)

Ashley carries a clutch by charlotte olympia

Image 1 of ASOS Slot Through Envelope ClutchImage 1 of ASOS Metal Bar Detail Envelope ClutchImage 1 of ASOS Weave Metal Bar Clutch
1, 2, 3 - asos

Carrie carries a clutch from yesstyle

1, 2, 3 - zara

Morven carries a clutch from asos

1, 2, 3 - new look & topshop

Ashley carries a clutch by alexander wang

Image 1 of ASOS Fabric Envelope Clutch With Leather Trim
1, 2, 3 - asos, miss selfridge, zara

The new clutches are far from your high school prom type, frilly satin bags; a modern clutch is clean, sharp, and minimal. It should not be bulky, but paper thin – this is not a very practical trend. My favourite styles are the envelope style clutch, or a 'pouch', sleek and elegant.

The envelope clutch looks arty, and studious, as if it might contain portfolio work, the reality is that they can’t contain very little. There is no possibility of pushing a crowded make up bag inside one of these. Anything thicker than an inch will ruin the sleek effect. I think this is refreshing; one of my favourite bags is a large square, hard cased wicker one. It’s little over an inch wide which means I can barely fit my keys in. Although I might want to pack my keys, phone, purse, make up, water, kindle, camera & a notebook into my bag every day, it isn’t necessary. Actually, nobody needs to take more than their keys, phone and purse out with them 90% of the time.

To keep your bag slim and clutter free, pack only the essentials – swap your powder and brush for blotting papers for quick make up fixes on the go, take a comb instead of a brush, and trim down your purse to its bare essentials. I like to keep my debit card, id, student card & notes in a tiny leather card holder from Topshop, which is intended for their gift cards. It’s only £1.50 and comes in lilac, light teal and coral.

The contemporary clutch is edgy – pair with edgy jewellery, towering heels and a man’s watch for effortless style.

topshop leather card holder

Morven carries an american apparel clutch from asos


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