August 18, 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Polishes

SAM_2479-001In Ivory Rose, Ceramic Blue and Really Rose

SAM_2481-001Really Rosy

I've seen a lot of Maybelline's Forever Strong Pro Polishes from Fee at Make up Savvy and she always praises them so when I spotted that Maybelline had a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots I snapped some up.

I've tried the three colours I picked out over the last week and can only praise them. The formula of every polish is thick enough to easily be opaque in two coats, and the brush is the perfect size with lots of bristles to make application quick and easy.

These last a long time as well. I rarely keep nail polish on for more than a day or two without any chips or signs of wear but these managed to stay on until I was ready to remove them.

I was a little disappointed with Ceramic Blue when I painted it on because in the bottle it looks like it has a slight iridescent shimmer but when painted on it's just a plain blue. It's still very pretty though and I don't have a similar colour.

I'm undecided on Ivory Rose, I think it looks gorgeous on Fee's nails but on mine I think the colour isn't quite right, it's darker than I expected but then again in some lights I like it. It is still a brilliant polish, despite being pale it applies completely opaque in two coats and lasts really well.

I've been wearing Really Rosy for the last few days and although I somehow managed to chip one of my nails the day after I painted them the wear has been really good, the gorgeous slightly dusty raspberry colour hasn't faded and there has been no tip wear.

Overall these are brilliant polishes, I think I even prefer them to Essie polishes and they're half the price at £4.09 from boots. if only the colour range was as vast.


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