September 17, 2010

Worlds worst blogger?

I really am! I will have to become a better blogger if i ever want to write for a living.

So i had a really nice day today, it didn't start out amazing, but then my mum, sister and I went out to dunelm mill. The drive there was so beautiful, the sun was going down and the sky was all pink and orange, the sun glowing behind the trees. It reall was lovely driving along, listening to dubussy, Paolo Nutini and an all time faveourite, Moon River, this version... (It freaks me out a little watching her sing, she's so little how is she making such a beautiful sound?!) passing lovely sunlit fields and driving underneath arches of trees. It made me thing about how excited i am about autumn, its probably my faveourite time of year, the gorgeous rusty reds, burnt oranges, browns and yellows, i'm looking foreward to sunggling up in jumpers and blankets and sipping hot chocolate while its cold outside.


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