October 31, 2010

Velvet crush

Recently, I have been loving velvet. I don’t know why, I didn’t like it at all a few months ago but now i can’t get enough. I have a terrible £11 Primark velvet dress which i got as part of a cat costume, but at the moment, that’s all I own. I really want a nice velvet skirt. I’m loving velvet in wine reds and emerald greens too, so if you know of anything that fits my description I’d love to know!

Here are some lovely lovely velvet items I’m loving at the moment…

Collage A LabeledArrCollage C LabelledArrCollage B LabeledArr1. Pretty Velvet Trim Blouse, Urban Outfitters. 2. Adorable Drawstring Bag, ASOS. 3. Velvet Studded Undies, Topshop. 4. Beautiful Lace Trim Velvet Dress, Miss Selfridge. 5. Lovely Black Collar Dress, Miss Selfridge. 6.Velvet Playsuit, Miss Selfridge. 7. Sweet Little Embroidered Velvet Bag, Miss Selfridge. 8. Fairy Tale Emerald Dress, ASOS. 9. Floral Velvet Leggings, ASOS. 10. Tight Velvet Skirt, ASOS. 11. Velvet Shorts, ASOS.

I love them all, unfortunately I don’t have any money to buy them :(. Ahh a girl can dream…


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