May 22, 2012

My Dry Skin Care Essentials


I have and have had dry skin for a long time so I have created my own routine to moisturise and plump my skin, stopping it from feeling so tight and flaking.

Firstly I'll describe my skin: I would say that my skin is dry and dehydrated, but oilier on the area immediately surrounding my nose, I also have larger pores there. My skin often feels tight if I cleanse harshly and when put moisturiser my skin will thirstily drink it up. I do get some spots, mostly between my eyebrows and on my chin. For the past few months my chin has been behaving weirdly, it feels very dry and and I get flaky skin but also spots.

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm is a godsend. I tried this at the start of the year in a sample size pack when No7 had just bought the range. I wish they still did this as it was a pack including the cleanser and the night & day moisturisers which would be ideal for travelling and it was just £5. I immediately loved it, I've never tried such a creamy hydrating cleanser. It is pretty good at removing make up but I can't get all of my mascara off with it so I will usually tackle that with a make up wipe. I will rub this into my skin, massaging it in, and then wipe off with a hot, wet muslin cloth. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated but I find that my skin doesn't feel as clean as I would like it - perhaps because I'm so used to the squeaky clean but irritatingly dry feel I have with other cleansers, instead my skin feels like I've already moisturised, but this is probably a good thing.
(£9 at Boots)

If I don't think my skin feels clean enough I will use Boots Botanics Pore Perfecting Deep Clean Mousse. I love this mousse formula, I feel like a child again playing with bubbles in the bath when I use it. It's really quick and easy, I use two pumps but I'm sure I could get away with one, and just rub it into my face (avoiding my eyes) then wipe off with a hot, wet muslin cloth. So much like the No7 Cleanser. My skin feels really clean after this but sometimes a little dry. I wouldn't say that I notice any difference in my pores though. But this is a good cleanser anyway, which I think would suit most skin types as it's oil free.
(£4.07 at Boots)

Some areas on my face need a little more attention, like my oily and flaky bits around my nose and chin. For these I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. Day to day I just use a pea sized amount of this while I'm cleansing, I'll rub it into my skin on my nose and chin while my cleanser is still on my face and then wash it off with everything else. Maybe once a week I'll use this all over my face, or just if my skin feels more oily than usual. I don't think this product has any really special qualities, I don't use it enough to comment on it properly. For me this just serves as a cheap exfoliator that I don't heavily use. I like it because it's pink, and smells gorgeous and it exfoliates gently.
(£4.95 at boots)



I received the Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum in April's Glossy Box and I have been really impressed by it. My skin is really very dry so I use this right after cleansing as it quenches my skin enough so that it isn't uncomfortable and I don't need to immediately moisturise. My skin drinks it up. It smells lovely, very natural, botanical and fresh. I began using it all over my face but I've been using it up really fast so not I just use it on the dryer areas of my skin and my eyes. I haven't noticed an improvement in my skins quality or appearance since using this but the flaky skin on my chin does seem to have improved so I presume that it is balancing my skin and hydrating it well. My only problem with this is that it is so expensive, a 3oml bottle will cost you £29, and seeing as I am getting through the 10ml sample really rapidly I can't afford it. If anybody knows of any cheaper hydrating serums, please let me know!
(£29 at Space.nk)


Nivea's Soft Moisturising Cream has been a solid favourite of mine since I found it quite a few years ago now. it's an incredibly thick moisturiser (see above) that leave my skin silky soft. The first time I used it I had received it as a sample and I remember thinking it was close to a primer as it was so thick, and it does actually improve the application of my foundation, concealer and powder. It has a lovely 'Nivea smell' - do you know what I mean? That lovely light fresh smell you get with all Nivea products.

It does take a while to sink in, even on my dry skin, so although I still love it, as the years have gone on I've used this more at night time, or just on the dryer areas of my skin in the day. I wish that this would come with an spf, then it would be my ideal moisturiser. Overall this is a really thick hydrating everyday moisturiser, it's really cheap and ideal if you're travelling light as it could easily be used as a make up remover if you need it, or as a hand or body moisturiser.
(£2.45 in Boots)

I use Simple's Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream if my skin is feeling a little clogged up and I don't want such a heavy moisturiser at night. It's still pretty thick but much lighter. For the day time if I want a lighter moisturiser I use Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser. I like this, especially as it is spf25, but it isn't really suited to my skin but paired with some Nivea Soft & Caudalie Serum my skin is well moisturised and protected from the sun. Neutrogena actually do this moisturiser for Dry & Sensitive skin, but that one is only spf15 for some unknown reason, spf25 is barely enough! If anybody has any hydrating but not shiny high spf moisturisers they know of please let me know, I've not yet found a great one.
(£5.60 & £7.99 at Boots)

I forgot to mention that I use Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Pro Primer. I don't wear a lot or foundation and never wear it for very long so I just use this on my oily areas & on my eyes. It makes my pores appear smaller and mattifies my skin. It's pretty good, the only downfall is that although it's cheap at £6.99, that's only for 30ml, which won't last you long if you use it all over your face.


Disclaimer: Remember that all skin is different, even if you have very dry skin as I do your skin will probably not react to products in the same way and some of these products might not work for you. They are not miracles, just products that work wonders on my skin.



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