October 25, 2012

Lily Cole for the Body Shop: Shimmer Cube Palette


Just a quick post to say that I picked up this Shimmer Cube Palette from The Body Shop a couple of days ago as it was on offer for £5. I've always wanted to try out The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes as they look really sweet and always swatch very well when I've tried them in store. I wasn't so sure on the colours as I usually stick to neutrals but actually I really like the shades especially with a deep plum lip for Autumn.

I was actually a little disappointed with the pigmentation of the shadows. They swatch quite well (aside from the palest shade) but it's hard to get a strong colour onto the eyelid. However, I'm still really pleased with my purchase, I love the colours, the packaging is beyond cute and with a little work you can create a lovely purple smoky eye.

If you manage to find any on sale in your local Body Shop then I recommend you try one out, I think they're a bargain for £5, or £4.50 if you have a Body Shop card.


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