November 02, 2012

This week I've been...


This week I've been a little like an unofficial half term for me. There isn't a half term or reading week at my university, but I have missed a few of my lectures this week and have slipped into bad habits of late nights and later mornings (I didn't get into my bed until 5am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning).

I haven't just been skiving off though, I've been eating cupcakes and cookies, reading, I had my first ever eye test, we went to see Skyfall (brilliant), of course I dressed up and partied into the early hours on Wednesday, and I've been enjoying the Autumn days thoroughly when the sun shines.

I also bought some shortcrust pastry and mincemeat so I'll be baking some Christmas treats as soon as I get the chance - after all it's November now so I think Christmas excitement is allowed!



Christina said...

You look so beautiful..! You should post photos of you more frequently..! :)

Emily said...

Thank you so much :) I don't often have somebody willing to take photos of me!