November 12, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Nail Polish


I bought this mini nail varnish on a whim last week when I was feeling moody and noticed that boots had buy one get one half price on almost everything. So I snapped up two mini max factor nail polishes for £6 (is there a better way for a girl to pick her self up? I dont think so).

As far as the formula goes I was pretty impressed. Both this polish and 'Red Bronze' the second shade I bought, apply cleanly, dry quickly and leave you with hard shiny nails. However the colour wasn't what I was expecting.

This polish looks pretty amazing. It has about a bagillion-zillion (very technical term) different colours that shine through and looks just gorgeous in the bottle. I was however a little disappointed when I applied it. As you can see in the photo above it does not look the same as it does in the bottles. In the bottle the formula looks like a vibrant purple with sparkling pink and red tones running through it but when I carefully painted on two coats, it came out with all kinds of tones, mainly a deep shimmering red but with flashes of copper, blue and even a khaki green. While I'm not indifferent to having a cacophony of colours on my nails I'm not sure that I like the effect. On the one hand it the constantly different colours are really impressive and remind me of seeing colours in oil, but I'm not sure that all the colours compliment each other and I  think that I would prefer the striking purple colour that I expected.

However hope is not lost,  I think that I might be able to achieve a colour closer to the bottle with a different base. In the photograph I used one coat of Sally Hansen's 'Navy Baby' which is a very deep blue but I think if I used a lighter purple then I'd get nicer tones. Fee from Make up Savvy shows how you can achieve different effects with different bases here.

Overall this is an interesting polish, it' applies well and the colour is unique and variable and I think that a lot of people would love the versatility of this. I just wish that the bottle was bigger!

Max Factor Mini nail Polishes are £3.99 from Boots.



Aneta said...

I fell in love with the fire effect it provides, love love love! But unfortunately, I haven´t seen it here in drugstores :(


Emily said...

I have heard that it's really hard to find, I've looked for it a couple of times but not religiously, I think I was lucky to pick one up. I expect it would be a lot harder in Slovakia too!

Emmett Katherine said...

Really cool polish, I like how it's almost 2 different colours. New nail polish is definitely a little pick me up!