November 13, 2012

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag

These are my daily essentials that I cart around. I think I do quite well really, I have a lot packed in quite a small space and on the most part it's quite organised.

1. Phone: I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I do like it. It isn't an iPhone but for the price it really does the job, and I think when I upgrade I'll be sticking with Samsung.
2. Headphones: for walking somewhere on my own.
3. Hair Accessories: I always like to have a stash of bobby pins and hair ties incase I need to put my hair up. Also keeping bobby pins on a piece of card means that I don't lose them in the bottom of my bag.
4. Mints: always handy.
5. Lip Balm: nothing beats Blistex relief cream, it keeps my lips nourished for the longest and stops them cracking and drying out.
6. Tissues: essential for cold weather.
7. Mini Hair Brush: this tiny brush is perfect for on the go and makes my hair shine.
8. Hand Cream: I got this Flowerbomb body cream with a perfume gift set for my birthday. It smells gorgeous and keeps my hands soft.
9. Pen: I always have a few pens in my bag as I take it to lectures. This one is from Accessorize.
10. Lucky Purse: This is a little odd, it's a purse that I keep little bits and bobs I've collected inside that I consider 'lucky'. This includes a piece of rose quartz, mini signalling lantern, a bean from Starbucks, a Guatemalan worry doll, Ariel Barbie's shoe, a 20 pence piece from New Years eve 2011/12 and a fortune cookie slip (see below).
11. Small Change Purse: I have three different purses, each with a different purpose to keep myself organised. In this one I keep my lose change. (both little purses are from Accessorize)
12. Card Purse: In this little leather Topshop wallet I keep notes and my four essential cards: debit card, student card, provisional licence and (perhaps the most important) my boots card.
13. Cards & Vouchers Purse: In this bigger purse from River Island, I keep my non essential cards and my vouchers.
14. Rail Card: And finally my (expired) Rail Card, no student should be without one.



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