November 14, 2012

Waitrose Pure Gentle Eye Make-up Remover


This is my current eye make-up remover of choice, I've used it since I was about 15 and my mum would buy it for me from Waitrose (she still does as I don't have one near at uni). I forgot about it for a few years until I recently discovered a half used bottle, tried it out and remembered how brilliant it is at taking off my make-up.

I always use an eye make-up remover before I take off the rest of my make-up, it makes my evening routine so much quicker and it's kinder to my eyes. I've tried out a lot in the past year and this beats them all, even etat pur's micellar cleansing water. It's gently on my eyes, but strong enough to take off all of my eye make up with one cotton pad and a few sweeps across the eyes.

It's also only £1.94 from your local Waitrose -  bargain!


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