December 10, 2012

My Naked Shower

SAM_3858-001 From left to right: Naked Volume Body Building Shampoo, Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner, Love Me Naked Rose Body Wash & Ooh La La Naked Coco De Mer body wash.

I love Naked, as a brand they have really brilliant values - all the bottles are 50-100% already recycled  and fully recyclable plastic, they buy from sustainable sources, cut down their carbon footprint by producing in the UK, and they do not test on animals. The actual products are all great too which is why I seem to be slowly switching every product in my shower to naked!

The first Naked product I picked up was the Coco de Mer body wash when wanted to try a sulphate free shower gel. Firstly this smells amazing, it's light and floral, very feminine and pretty. It's so good that I've gone out and bought the matching body butter and I deeply regret not picking up the bubble bath when it was half off in boots. Despite being sulphate free, this lathers up really well, cleans me and again, smells gorgeous. This is probably my favourite Naked product.

I then went out to try a different scent for some more variety in my shower, and I chose Rose. The scent is natural and not synthetic, it's not overpowering which makes it a subtle alternative to Coco de Mer. I think it lathers up slightly less but still does the job well.

I've noticed since I've been using sulphate free body washes that my skin is less itchy and dry, something I really struggled with before. I thought I should treat my scalp with better care too, so when I noticed that boots were running a £6 for two Naked hair products offer, I snapped up a shampoo and conditioner.

I went for the Body Building Shampoo as I have fine, limp hair. Unfortunately, I was a little unimpressed. This takes a double wash to make my hair feel as clean as I like it and once I'd used it for a few weeks I began to get a greasy build up (yuck) so had to switch back to my trusty Pantene Aqua Light. I do have a very oily scalp (but dry ends) so I imagine that this product would work far better on dry hair - I know that my mum recommends it on her post swim dry hair. I won't repurchase this but I plan to keep on using it alternatively with Aqua Light.

Finally, I picked up the Intensive Care Conditioner which contains shea nut butter and olive and brassicacae oil extract to keep hair nourished and fight frizz. I love this conditioner, it nourishes my hair, and although it hasn't repaired my split ends, I doubt anything other than a good hair cut will do that, and it keeps my hair very soft and hydrated in the mean time. I also like using this as a treatment in my hair the night before I want to wash it.

You can find Naked products in your local Boots. Unfortunately they don't stock half as many of the products as I would like. Naked do facial care products that I would love to try as well as a gorgeous looking leave in conditioner and this thirst quenching moisturiser which haven't yet made it into my local boots. And I'm not quite ready to depart with £4 for delivery from the website.
Naked Body washes retail for just under £4 and shampoo's and conditioners are just over depending on where you buy.


p.s. Nakeds Coco de Mer body butter is well worth picking up. It's intensely nourishing on dry skin, smells amazing and costs less than a Body Shop body butter.

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