August 16, 2011

Dairy Free


For the past six months or so, I've been beginning to think that I might be allergic to milk. When I eat a big bowl of cereal or a milkshake my stomach rumbles and feels like it's in knots. It's not so bad at the moment but it's starting to get worse and set off by smaller things like cheese or even chocolate. So I've decided to go dairy free for three weeks and then start introducing products back into my diet to see what I react to. I'll post things on my blog because I've noticed there's a huge lack of dairy free cooking on the internet, or at least dairy free cooking that looks edible. I baked some cupcakes yesterday and I'll ice them later and post a recipe.

Today I was planning on  coco pops but when I read the ingredients there was a whole bunch of milk products listed so I decided for weetabix and raspberries instead. What looks like milk in my bowl obviously isn't milk, it's Oatly, I've tried a few different milk substitutes - rice milk, soya ect. and this one it my favourite, I actually prefer it to milk!



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