August 10, 2011

My Beauty Favourites


These are my favourite beauty products that I use pretty much daily, all under £25 and available at Boots*

Soap & Glory - Flake Away: This is the best scrub I have ever used, with it's a salt scrub with grapeseed and almond oils it feels like it's working when you use it, it smells gorgeous and it doesn't leave my skin dry - just incredibly smooth and soft. And when the packaging is so adorably vintage and pink how can you say no! (£6.64 for 300ml)

Palmers - Cocoa Butter: It smells like chocolate, it keeps my skin soft and moist and it'll cost you £3.77 from Boots. It also apparently helps blend away marks and scars - I don't have any to blend away but I've only heard good things about this product. You can't go wrong. (£3.77 for 250ml)

Rimmel  - Stay Matte Pressed Powder (003 Peach Glow): I've been using this powder for years now, as the name suggests it'll keep your skin matte, it's really cheap and far less messy than a loose powder. (£3.99)

Clinique - Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator (01): Gives a lovely sheer glow with very small glittery particles. For the perfect dewy glow, mix this on your cheeks with Benetint. (£18.38 for 30ml)

Clean & Clear - Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub: I'm really lucky and have pretty good skin but this gets rid of any blackheads I do have and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. My sister used to get a lot of blackheads but this really improved her skin. It's wonderful and it smells like kiwi. (££.32 at Superdrug)

Cherry Carmex: It smells like cherries, it makes my lips smooth and I can't begin to list the amount of girls I know that use this. Every girls essential. (£2.69 for 7.5G )

Clinique - High Impact Mascara: I have about three tubes of these and I've never paid for one, my mum gives me them as she's also been given a whole bunch and I was sent one by Elle I think. Despite the fact Clinique seem to be just giving these away it's a really good mascara, I like the brush, it doesn't leave clumps on my lashes, it curls them, makes them long, gives me volume and stays on until I want to take it off at the end of the day. Everything you could ever need from a mascara. (£15 for 8G)

Nivea Soft Moisturiser: If you have dry skin like me this is a must, I use it as my face moisturiser morning and night and it feels like my face has had a drink. It has that lovely friendly clean Nivea smell too. I love it, but I would avoid it if you have oily skin. (£2.19 for 75ml)

Benefit - Benetint: I got a free 2ml bottle of this a little while ago and I love it, it smells like rosewater and it gives my cheeks a pretty rosy glow & apparently Leighton Meester uses this. However for use on lips it has pretty bad staying power and if you have dry lips it will highlight any cracks. (£24.50 for 13.5ml)

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*(exl. Clean & Clear scrub)


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