June 17, 2012

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick


I bought this lipstick a few weeks ago on a whim while browsing round boots. I hadn't looked into it much beforehand but I knew that the Kate Moss lasting finish range had been getting good reviews on the bloggersphere and it was on offer so I picked up the shade 05.

The Good

The formula is well pigmented and fairly hydrating (more so than the other Rimmel lipstick that I own which I find drying).

As far as the 'lasting finish' goes, it does stay on well but it's nothing extra ordinary, but then I'm quite hard on my lips, I hate the feeling of dry lips and find it really difficult not to apply lipbalm over lipstick which can make it wear off very quickly. I like to pat it into my lips for the best lasting stain, I think that if you spend time working it into your lips then you could get a really good long wear from it.

I do like the packaging of this lipstick, the 'kate' autograph is very sweet, the little heart is a bit young and girly but I think that the sleek black matte tube keeps the product sophisticated enough for older buyers.

The shade is a really flattering soft pink with a touch of brown, suitable enough for day wear but conspicuous enough to make a girl feel glamorous. I think it would flatter almost any skin tone and age, it's a pretty pink but still sophisticated.

At £5.49 it's fairly inexpensive but I have many better lipsticks in the same price range (for example my favourite no17 lasting fix lipstick in mulled wine).

The Bad

It feels a little tacky on the lips - it isn't sticky but it has a slightly gummy texture, it certainly isn't as smooth as I would like it.

Possibly my least favourite thing about this product is the smell, it's the same as my other Rimmel lipstick - a powdery floral smell which to me just screams musty old ladies lipstick, it smells like it might have lived in a little old grannies purse for twenty years which is not what you want. I don't think that everybody would feel the same way though, but for me it evokes a 'musty granny' smell which I find hard to overlook since you apply the product right below your nose.


All in all I'm not a big fan of this lipstick, I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't purchase another shade in the range. I don't like the strange tacky feeling on the lips and can't get over the musty scent. However, this has 4.5/5 stars on boots.com and pleanty of five star reviews from people who love it.





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