November 23, 2010

Christmas Gifts

It's not yet December so on principal I should not be mentioning the word Christmas, however it does give me an excuse to compile a Christmas gift list, which is almost like shopping just without the purchases.

product image
1. Powder room companion. £3.95 from Zara Wood






2. Adorable owl mug, £6 from Topshop







Vintage Cone Shaped Buttons

3. Little vintage buttons, described as little umbrellas and straw hats but I think they’re pretty shells. Wear as a brooch. £9.75 Etsy



Sweet Brier GNOME- waldorf inspired toy

4. wee little wooden gnome, £5.84 from Etsy 





5. Moomin flask, £12 from Topshop








Owl Pal Gift Tags


6. And to put on your gifts some pretty sweet owl gift tags, £2.27 from Etsy





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