November 30, 2010

I am a fat girl at heart

On the outside I might look pretty healthy, I’m not overweight, in fact my doctor told me to gain a few lbs. I might look like the girl who likes a bit of cucumber and wears skinny jeans. I scroll through the pages of and flick through a copy of Elle looking at size 0 models wearing pretty things.

But I'll tell you a secret…really I just want to spend my days in pyjamas baking cakes and eating anything and everything sugary, preferably all whilst sitting in my comfy bed avec un hot water bottle or two.

Luckily my habit of walking (slash running as i am ALWAYS late) to school and having to spend my time doing such things as homework prevents me from falling into a cycle of developing rolls like this…

image(Image courtesy of google images)

So, enough talk about obesity and cake, I wanted to tell all you lovely people about some fat girl porn I found today. It comes in the shape of a blog, written by a lovely lady called ‘Joy’dadisn’t she lovely? I cannot understand how she isn’t at least a size billion zillion as she writes about such yummy things!

What I like most about her blog is not just the delicious recipes, its that each post also tells you a little bit about the baker herself and about her life in Los Angeles.
I also love her amusing writing style and pretty pictures that accompany the recipe posts.

Here are a few I am excited to try,

1. Lavender Vanilla Sugar – I saw something similar being sold in Waitrose this month and thought it was really silly, just over priced sugar. But this lady makes me want it!

2. Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes – I don’t think I need to say anything about this one, the name just sounds scrummy. IMG_0396

3. Homemade Rice Pudding – I am a huge fan of rice pudding (unlike most people I know which means more for me :D) but i’ve never liked homemade, but I think I’m going  to try it, I am in fact an adult now and have proper adult taste buds which I’m sure will take to some creamy vanilla rice pudding.

4. Chocolate Glazed Baked Doughnut Muffins – Every single word in that title sounds yum. I’ve wanted to make doughnuts for ages but don’t have a fryer so haven’t tried, but these are oven baked, look delicious and I’m sure will contribute to much less artery clogging than most doughnuts. IMG_1256

5. Chocolate Brownie Cookies – Big fan of brownies here, I do make some rather nice ones myself, but these take the biscuit! (apologies, that was poor) They do look pretty yummy though.

Here is her blog, “Joythe” have a butchers, I hope you like it as much as little (expect this not to last long) old me.

(Images courtesy of Joy’s blog)



Lisette said...

Yum yum I love food haha ^^

Sian said...

Wow! All of these look so yummy =D I'm baking at the moment haha!! But I want all of these =)

Emily said...

They do don't they! I'm doing birthday cupcakes tonight so can't try these out unfortunately! (I may post a recipe for cupcakes up this week) Plus I want to try a cocktail variation on the marshmallow milkshake which I will post if it turns out yummy