November 13, 2010

My Favourite Blogs

I am one of those super cool people that spends a vast amount of time reading lovely blogs. I thought it’d be nice to share a few of my favourites with you, here are five of the best…

1. Bleubird Vintage
OK, I’ll tell you a little secret, this ones my favourite!
Blog of a very stylish mum complete with 100’s of pretty outfits, 1 lovely family, loads of fantastic competitions and 1 adorable baby bird. As well as all of this, Miss James runs
an online shop choc-a-blog full of gorgeous vintage things!

2. Skunkboy Creatures
This blog comes from the lady who makes these little beauties… Lady the OwlBaby Hedgehoganother mamma with a little one on the way, read all about the life of  the lovely Katie.

Color Me Katie
3. Color Me Katie
Another Katie here, this one’s Sokoler, an amazing street artist living in Brooklyn. This is by far the most colourful blog I read! Read about Ghostbusters in a library, happy things, what you can do with a lot of colourful paper and a big fluffy cat called Moo.

4. Pandora
If you prefer picture-books to novels then this is the blog for you. Each post contains a bunch of gorgeous pictures, many of which are taken by the wonderful Pauline Darley and almost all of which contain the stunning Louise Ebel. You may recognise her from Lookbook where she posts lots of her gorgeous outfits.

image5. The Fragrance Separate to the Flower
Another fellow Lookbooker 
the lovely Erika Altosaar posts lots of pictures of her beautiful artwork.


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