November 22, 2010

Pretty Things

product image1. Lovely little owl locket from Zara Wood

Image of Light As A Feather Hair Comb2. Feather hair comb from Eclectic Eccentricity

3. Pretty Picture of Pandora      

           large product imagelarge product image
4. Pretty hats from Missoni & Stella McCartney

5. Pretty flask from Urban Outfitters

Red Velvet Cupcake6. Pretty cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes

7. Pretty cover by Florence of a song by Beirut PROMOTION-------LOVE ANGELS Wedding Cake Topper-love bird8. Pretty wedding topper from Kikuike

Wonders Never Cease Print 8x109. Pretty cute print from theblackapple

Photobucket10. Pretty cute couple Zach & Kristy


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