February 18, 2011


YourPhotoBootherPhotoYourPhotoBootherPhoto (1)YourPhotoBootherPhoto (2)

I love old photo booth pictures, I'd love to take more but I don't know of any nice photo booth's near me other than the ones that print out square passport photos - I don't like those, I like the strips like the above.
Lucky for me you can make your own online. Just visit Photoboother.com, upload four pictures of whatever you like and there you go. You can order proper prints too if you want. It's just $3 for an 8.5x11 print, but I'm not sure if you can ship to the uk.


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Stefany said...

This is so cute! I didn't know that they had a website where you can make your own photobooth pictures. I'm definitely going to have to check that out. :)