February 06, 2011

Jason Wu Spring Summer 11

I am so in love with this collection, it was quite hard to whittle it down to just seven key looks. The show was packed full of old glamour with a touch of fifties mad men style. Every single model that walked down that catwalk had a certain pride to their strut, something in their air that told the audience they were out to get what they want. But wearing clothes like that who could want anything else?!

Images courtesy of Glamourmagazine.co.uk



Chloe said...

I've always loved Jason Wu and this collection is no exception! Love the colour palette, the clean cut lines and the ruffles! :-)

Chloe xxx

hautetherapy.com said...

Gorgeous! I wish we could just throw sheer pieces like that on with nothing underneath and have it be normal and not get a second glance. Looks liberating, but only for the runway I guess :(


Emily said...

I agree! I'm tempted sometimes to go out braless but I don't even have the courage for that. It would be liberating to put on something sheer with nothing underneath but I think it is best suited to the catwalk really and only really practical if you have a models chest