March 13, 2011

Sundays are sweet: 13/03/11

Time for a new feature I think, a collection of all the pretty things I've seen this week, beautiful, inspirational and of course sweet!

1. this picture for h&m spring magazine 11 by Camilla Akrans. source

2. these moustache nails! source

3. the urban outfitters march catalogue. source

4. this cheshire cat drawing by Emily Winfield. source
Cheshire cat

5. this cute photograph from Annette Pehrsson. source

6. these notebook inspired engagement shots. source
imagenotebook movie inspired engagement photosnotebook movie inspired engagement photos

7. blunt fringes and plastic sunglases. source 1 source 2
:Nudes 03

8. these adorable love braille rings. source

9. this ultra cool tiny bullet and triangle necklace. source
no. 148 tiny bullets and triangles necklace

10. this beautiful italian florentine arabella album. source
Large Italian Florentine Arabella Blank Album- Ready To Ship


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