March 14, 2011


Why is twitter so popular? Because everything is so condensed. People really are busy nowadays, partially because we want more and more and more; remember the days when a phone with a camera was high tech?
Twitter is like a vitamin tablet, it's everything you need in a teeny tiny easy to handle form. What in a novel could be two pages is condensed to 140 characters.
Aside from all the tweeting I also love the twitter pictures that everyone has, the little squares alongside tweets and re-tweets will make me follow people, they are the body language of twitter.

Sophie Ellis Bextor: @SophieEB

Emma Watson: @EmWatson


Michelle Sadlier: @shelbyshelly




Dawn Porter: @hotpatooties

Daisy Lowe: @daisylowe

ME! @emilyluptonx - the first and last time I will be in a blog post alongside Daisy Lowe.

Elena Jane Goulding: @elliegoulding

ColorMeKatie: @KatieSokoler


1 comment:

Kristal Elise said...

took me so long so jump on the twitter band wagon but I really like it now, and its accessible from my phone. crazy technology x


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