September 22, 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2012

"Back in 1974, Ralph Lauren costumed a big-screen version of The Great Gatsby,starring Mia Farrow (as Daisy Buchanan) and Robert Redford (as the titular Gatsby). Lauren’s designs were a huge success. They sparked a craze for fluttery bias-cut tea dresses and kindled a longing for vintage at a time when that meant ratty old clothes. The movie’s style that Lauren created quickly became as much a part of the iconography of the Ralph Lauren brand as it was perfectly emblematic of boom-time Jazz Age America where financial cataclysm was lurking just around the corner." -

Parties — Ralph Lauren Spring 2012


 Parties — Ralph Lauren Spring 2012




How pretty is this collection? I think I could literally wear anything and feel like a magical ethereal princess.

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've just started at uni so it's all manic but wonderful!

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