January 15, 2011

Black Swan

There are so many good films coming out at the moment, I’m going to practically live in the cinema come next weekend!

I’m really excited to see this film, firstly I seem to be developing a girl crush on Natalie Portman and her brows, my mum says they’re ugly because they’re so straight, but I completely disagree they make her eyes look amazing - and she has got a pretty fantastic pair! Also the trailer looks fantastic, there’s passion,  a love triangle between Nina Sears, Lily and their instructor, lots of pretty ballet costumes, and it looks pretty darn scary too!


I may have to do a post about her, she wears some really pretty things, I’m really liking her sudden love for shift dresses although I can’t see why she feels the need to wear them, her baby bump can’t be very big yet.

Here is the trailer for Black Swan

Black Swan is released Friday the 21st of January

Image courtesy of IMDB


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