February 19, 2012

Gold Dipped Triangle Nails

I got a little bored of my gold dipped nails, (after wearing them for a whole two days!) so I updated them with some triangles.
1. To help make neater triangles (aka, more equilateral/isosceles) I painted tiny dots on my nails as a guide for the corners using Models Own Wah Nail pen.
2. I cut 30 thin strips of masking tape and placed three on each nail (one hand at a time).

3. Making sure the masking tape was pressed down to avoid any varnish seeping under, I painted my first triangle and while the varnish was still wet (if you need more than one coat that's fine, let the first/each coat dry and peel off while the last one is wet) carefully peeled the tape strips off (last one on off first).
4. You are left with lovely clean edges...

...and a lot of mess...
5. Paint a topcoat on once your triangles are completely dry (be careful not to smudge the triangles).


I used: 1&2. Boots save the nail 'eau so hydrating' and 'wet look topcoat', 3. 17 lasting fix 'woo me', 4. Sally Hansen 650 'navy baby', 5. 17 magnetized in green, 6 & 7. Rimmel lycra pro 410 'trend spotting' and  307 'grape sorbet' 8. Leighton Denny 'feel the burn'


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