February 02, 2012

Product Review: Bourjois little round pot blush

I haven't bought a Bourjois product in a very long time, which is a shame because I love the brand and I've loved the 'little round pots' since I was a little girl and 'borrowed' my mothers. The shadows and blushes just look like pearls in their tiny pots.


I bought Bourjois little round pot blush in 54 Rose Frisson which is a peachy pink with a slight coral tone - perfect on my very pale freckled skin.
Inside the pot is a little mirror which you could use on the go but it's so tiny I think you'd have trouble applying any make up - at an arms length I can't even see half of my face.
It also comes with a little brush that fits inside the pot. I was expecting this to be fairly awful but it actually works very well and makes it easy to apply the blush to the apples on your cheeks. Be warned: I wouldn't keep this inside the pot though as it collects a lot of product and you could easily end up having a Bridget Jones moment while trying to apply blusher in the back of a taxi!


Application: when I tried to test this on my arm to take pictures of how well it applied I could barely get anything to show up  but when applying on my cheeks it came out very well. In fact the first time I used this I put far too much on. I would say that it's reasonably pigmented.
I had a nice surprise applying this blush because it smells gorgeous! It has a very sweet floral/musky scent which makes me smile in the morning.

Product applied with brush (left) and finger (right), in artificial lighting (left) and bright sunlight (right).


This product has been out for a long time (since 1863 according to Bourjois' website!) but if you needed any more reassurance I'd definitely recommend buying it. The baked powder gives good colour, smells gorgeous, comes with a useful brush. It's £7.49 at boots which I think is worth it.


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