February 12, 2012

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

Seeing the words 'Mary Katrantzou' and 'Topshop' in the same line put a huge smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach - even more so when paired with a picture of one of the beautiful dresses. However my smile quickly disappeared when I remembered that despite the fact Topshop are a high street brand and can be found sandwiched between the reasonably priced H&M or New Look, they manage to over charge for everything which isn't even always very high quality. Despite the soaring prices (and my small and ever vanishing student loan) I still inevitably am a Topshop fan, like most 19 year old girls, and will probably keep shopping there until they begin charging you upon entry.
Rant over, I'm also a huge Mary Katrantzou fan and although the dresses cost as much as £350 so I'll probably never get my hands on one, they are a pretty sight to behold. This is not Katrantzou's first collection, but it's her first 'capsule collection' consisting of t-shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts and very pretty dresses.

Following on from her ss12 collection the prints are bold and the shapes are structured, but the collections appears more feminine and easy to wear than some of her catwalk pieces. Being a capsule collection the clothes are designed to be paired together which would be very of trend but for some of the less brave girls out there you could easily pair the lovely printed leggings and trousers with a white shirt or just throw on a printed shirt/tee over some denim shorts and look equally cool.

There's a piece for everyone, I swing towards the very that gorgeous long sleeved shift dress (which could definitely be worn through February with the help of some black opaque's) but if you're a trouser girl you have options too, and I'm sure that even my Mum would love that blue scarf (but I think my Dad would disapprove of the £65 price tag...).

Pieces hit stores on February 17th but if you're not a Mary Katrantzou fan Topshop are bringing out a small collection of t-shirts for LFW (which also starts on the 17th) from designers such as; Erdem, Christopher Kane and Peter Jenson which are all priced at £30 and will be available online and in stores.

Images via Glamourmagazine.co.uk and Vogue.co.uk


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jessica sandoval said...

I am so jealous of errbody who's accessible to Topshop! These clothes are so pretty, I am dying!

Jessica | Vixenelle