March 05, 2012

Easy Peasy Juicy Seasoned Chicken Recipe


This is quite possibly the easiest way of cooking chicken and it's actually really really good! Succulent and juicy, and full of flavour.

I bought some Nando's lemon and herb perri perri seasoning rub and an 'oh so juicy' packet and decanted the seasoning into pots, just these combined with a little salt and pepper give chicken delicious full flavour.

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1. Lay your chicken breast or fillets flat in a dish
2. Drizzle with oil
3. Sprinkle seasoning all over
4. Place lid on top (or use foil instead if you don't have a lid)
5. Cook in the oven for 25/30 minutes at 170 degrees in a fan oven (or 190 otherwise)

To test if your chicken is done pierce with a sharp knife and if the juices run clear it's ready. If you're still not sure then cut the middle piece and make sure it's not pink at all inside.

Chicken SeasoningSAM_0536-1


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