March 30, 2012

Product Review: Models Own Tropical Sun


I was so happy when I found the new Spring Beetlejuice range in my local boots, they didn't stock the original polishes (until now) so I wasn't expecting to have a change to buy these for a while (until Asos next offered free delivery). My favourite colour of the collection is probably Indian Ocean, but it's a cool blue and just not as bright, warm and summery as Tropical Sun.

I am glad that I went for this colour, it's really warm so it compliments my very pale skin and just looks gorgeous in the bright sun that I'm enjoying at the moment.


I applied the polish over a clear base coat. I know that some people prefer to use a complimenting colour underneath sheer shades like this, and that would work really well - I have a lot of orangey polishes I'd love to try this with, but I wanted to see what it was like on it's own - and the result was very good.

The first coat (below left) applied sheer but very evenly, giving a pretty peach sheen to my nails, almost like a lip gloss of polishes, pretty but I don't think I would ever wear the polish like that. The second coat turned the polish almost opaque, my nails were a lovely shimmery orange with a gold sheen and tiny flecks of silver which I wasn't expecting. I found myself looking at my nails throughout the next few days and noticing that they looked quite pink in some light which I really liked. I also noticed that in some angles you could see the half moons of my nails, I don't mind this but I applied a third coat a day after the first two and I think it looked nicer still.

I'm really pleased with this polish and eager to go out and buy Indian Ocean now! Five of the eight shades are available from Boots Online (including Indian Ocean and Tropical Sun) for £5 each plus £2.95 delivery, and every shade is available from the Models Own website also for £5 each plus £2.95 delivery. Models Own also offer a Beetlejuice collection of five polishes: Indian Ocean, Tropical Sun, Copper Pot, Aqua Violet, Pinky Brown and a 3 in 1 topcoat & Basecoat for just £20, plus your first order with models own gets you a free black kohl eyeliner pencil

Left - One Coat, Right - Two Coats



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