July 02, 2012

A day out in Oxford

The Randolph on the right

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Oxford City with my best friend Josh. We did some shopping, I bought lots of skincare bits & bobs (which I will tell you about soon) and a dress, then went for the nicest Chinese, with super fast service and a student discount (my kinda place) and then for some yummy cocktails at happy hour.

Oxford is so beautiful, there are lots of yellow stone buildings dotted throughout which give the city an exotic feel, there are also lots of very old University buildings around which are equally as enchanting. On a hot day walking through the city it's easy to imagine yourself further away from home than you really are. I had a lovely day and would really like to go back sometime soon as it's only 20 minutes on the train when I'm at home.



My first fortune cookie!

Part of the Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology

Raspberry Cosmo, Summer Breeze & Elderflower cocktails


On the ride home



Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Great pictures :) it looks and sounds like a great day! Shopping, food and drinks! Yay!

BABYFACE said...

I've never been to Oxford, but it looks like the most beautiful place; that chinese good looks so so good! Hope you had a lovely time! :)xo

Lois said...

I've never been to Oxford. Would love to go one day. I've been to Cambridge, and it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Tese pitures are sooo pretty :)I am having a Real Techniques Stippling Brush GIVEAWAY over on my blog I hope you will take a look :)



Emily said...

Thank you all , you should all visit if you're near, it's really pretty :)