July 25, 2012

Mua: Undressed


I recently reviewed Mua's Heaven & Earth Palette so I'll keep this short and sweet as the palette is very similar aside from the colours.

There are 12 shades, I tried to separate them into matte (left below) and sheeny (right below) but I didn't get it quite right but the addition of matte shades in the palette is great if you like using matte shades as there weren't any in the Heaven & Earth Palette. Unfortunately I don't think that the matte shades are as well pigmented as the Sheeny shades, especially the lighter colours which barely show up on my light skin.

However overall, there are 12 well pigmented neutrals which apply beautifully and wear well and for only £4 it's a great buy, and a snip of the Naked palette which it is unashamedly a dupe for seeing as it's called 'Undressed'. I can't compare the two as I don't own the Naked Palette but there are plenty of comparisons out there.

The Undressed palette is available in Superdrug for £4 but is currently out of stock online as it's so popular but you might be able to track it down in store.




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ichbinclamp said...

Looks awesome! Really wanted to try and get some MUA products but my local superdrug doesn't stock them for some reason. I was so disappointed. I'll have to try elsewhere! Great post though :)