July 18, 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette


I wandered into Superdrug recently, intent on buying the MUA Undressed Palette but as I had feared, there was an empty space where the Urban Decay dupe should have been. However, I noticed that they were selling the Heaven and Earth Palette which I though wasn't sold anymore so I grabbed that one as I know like the Undressed Palette it has received a lot of hype on the blogging circuit.


The palette consists of 12 (0.8g) nude shades, all with a sheen or shimmer so perfect for creating an on trend bronzed metallic smoky eye. The pigmentation is different on every shadow but mostly pretty good, it's very easy to build up a strong glossy colour. The wear is quite good, I did a simple smoky eye using the four shades on the left when I went out last night and with my Soap & Glory 'It's all about Prime' as a base underneath, they lasted all evening.

The only disadvantages of the palette are that there are no matte shades, but I love a sheeny shadow and they aren't overly glittery (aside from the bottom right corner which oddly contains a lot of large glitter pieces). I also have trouble actually opening the palette, it's pretty tight.

I think this is a brilliant palette for anyone. It's full of beautiful highly pigmented neutrals that wear well, and it costs just £4! Perfect for anybody just venturing into makeup, but also equally perfect for anybody who likes makeup really. I can't wait to pick up the undressed palette too!



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Louise said...

looks really similar to the Sleek Palette.

Louise :)